Is a Swedish private company that provides consulting services and training in the areas of Organizational Development and IT.

Competence Areas

Agesis focuses on helping organizations to improve efficiency and agility.
Exemples of our competence areas:
-   Building Agile Teams using methods like Scrum, Kanban, Modern Agile, XP.
-   Scaling agility with multiple teams. Addressing autonomy, cross-team collaboration, flow efficiency, responsiveness and more.
-   Product Ownership. Techniques for goal break-down, slicing, prioritization and more.
-   Agile Portfolio and Product Management for strategic governance and control.
-   Leadership on how to grow people and teams.
-   Change Management. How to transform and evolve an organization.
-   Mentor/Coach Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Coaches, Managers, and others in their roles.
-   Startup thinking, innovation and exploring new ideas.
-   Architecture and Architecting as an enabler for agility.

Agesis also arrange various training sessions, hold presentations, and facilitate workshops within these areas.

Growing Agility

Agility is about having an ability to operate in a fast-changing uncertain complex world.
Modern organizations depend on people and effective teams as knowledge workers to make agility a reality. Therefore, management and leaders need to grow people and teams, as well as nurture a culture where people and teams are recognized as the primary assets in the organization.

Our philosophy is that Agile transformations are complex endeavors. What works in one organization may not be successful in another. Each organization needs to find their own way based on the nature of their business and culture, what challenges/problems they actually face, and evolve in their organizational context. The way to get momentum is through the people in the organization. Therefore, we believe in growing agility organically and evolutionary, step-by-step in search of real effects that the organization can benefit from.

In our work we use a broad spectrum of different methods and frameworks. However, we prefer to apply these pragmatically as “tools” to solve real problems and improve - not as a purpose by itself.


Example of businesses where Agesis has been working are Aeronautical and Defense industry, Telecom, Energy, MedTech, Bank and Finance, the Public Sector and more.


Please contact Agesis if you would like to know more about us and our services.

Phone: +46 (0)73 200 20 30